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Business Hours:
Monday through Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
3412 Lee Hwy
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Cherrydale Motors promises to deliver honest answers and a job done right the first time in a family friendly environment. Our certified and experienced technicians hold customer service paramount and are always happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about your vehicle. This dedicated approach has helped establish Cherrydale Motors as the number one choice for auto repair and maintenance for thousands of Arlington residents.

Visit our facility for complete auto repair services today or call us to schedule a maintenance or repair job at 703-527-5511.

We offer the following services:

VA Inspections & Emissions

All vehicles within an area are subject to vehicle emission laws of that particular state. New residents to Virginia are also required to have the emissions inspection performed for registration. People requesting vehicle license plates without a current approved or waived vehicle inspection report may only be eligible for a temporary vehicle license and registration. If you are moving or registering your vehicle for the first time in Virginia, emissions inspections from another jurisdiction may be acceptable for a one-year period in Northern Virginia provided the vehicle has passed an EPA-approved enhanced vehicle emissions inspection within the past 12 months.

Cherrydale Motors is a Virginia state authority approved emission inspection station for both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Visit us for Virginia State inspection and emissions today.

Heating & Cooling Systems

Driving a vehicle results in production of enormous amounts of heat energy. Heat produced during the process is enough to cause serious damage to your cars engine. Proper maintenance of your cars cooling system becomes extremely important. At Cherrydale Motors, we inspect your cooling system to spot potential problems during the maintenance process.

Air Conditioning

A vehicle's air conditioning system has three key components: compressor, condenser and evaporator. These components work in sync to circulate refrigerant in order to regulate the temperature of a vehicle's cabin. Any issue with these key components can result in reduced cooling, extra time or no cooling at all. Our certified technicians can fix a/c issues efficiently and swiftly.

Stop by our facility in Arlington, VA if your cars air conditioner is not working properly.

Computer Diagnostics

Cars these days have innumerable electronic and computerized components. Nearly every system on a vehicle from steering, brakes and air-conditioning is controlled by a computer. Car computer systems monitor the functioning of different systems through sensors and in case of a problem it notifies the driver via dashboard lights.

In case you have been noticing a flashing light on your dashboard, it is the first sign of a problem. In such a scenario, you should take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair facility as soon as possible. A malfunctioning system can result in severe damage to the vehicle and might even become the cause of an otherwise avoidable accident.

Cherrydale Motors certified technicians use state-of-the art computer diagnostic equipment to diagnose an issue and fix your car problems in the least time possible.

Tires & Alignments

Based on usage, tires can roughly be divided in four categories:

  1. All-season tires are the most common type of tires sold today. They are designed to handle dry and wet roads and a small amount of snow.
  2. Performance tires are designed to really hold onto the road. They provide crisp, responsive handling at the cost of ride comfort.
  3. Winter tires are constructed to provide better traction on snow or ice-covered roads. Winter tires remain pliable in cold weather and have a more aggressive tread design to give better traction.
  4. Off-road tires are designed for highway comfort and rugged enough for the backwoods trail. They provide grip and traction in mud, turf and a smooth ride on the highway.

Improper wheel alignment can cause excessive wear on tires and can cut your cars gas mileage efficiency. Cherrydale Motors technicians specialize in wheel alignment and wheel balancing. We stock and sell Cooper tires at affordable prices. Visit us for help with changing a tire or replacing your old ones.

Comprehensive Auto Repair

We offer an extensive range of certified auto repair and maintenance services for all your auto needs. Our highly skilled mechanics can handle any mechanical issue.

  • Radiators & Cooling Systems
  • Water Pumps
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Auto Glass & Rear-View Mirrors*
  • Transmissions*
  • Tune-Ups
  • Oil Changes
  • Power Window Motors & Switches
  • Brakes
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Electrical Systems
  • Exhaust
  • And much more


  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Never Ignore Lights on Your Dashboard
  • Every Month Check That All Vehicle Lights Are Working
  • Check Air Filters
  • Check Fluids
  • Never Run Car on Less Than 1/4 Tank of Gas
  • Always Get a Purchase Check Before Buying a Vehicle
  • Check Brakes For Noises

Stick to a Maintenance Schedule

Air filters, engine and brake fluids need to be replaced after a certain mileage. Read the user’s manual or take your car to an ASE certified repair shop for replacements.

Trust only ASE certified technicians with repairs.

Do not take your vehicle to a mechanic who has not been certified by ASE, as inexperienced hand can cause further damage to your car.